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Cities to visit in Montenegro

We never thought we would go to Montenegro, but I’m glad we did. It’s an amazing country with the craziest roads we have ever seen. If you are planning (or want to plan) a trip to Montenegro, here is a list of cities to visit in Montenegro.

Must do: rent a car and explore!

Cities to vist in Montenegro

Montenegro cities to visit
– Podgorica (capital)
The airport is located in Podgorica and while you are there you can visit the millennium bridge.

– Cetinje (former capital)
There is this incredible monastery. The monk there invited us in when the monastery was already closed for public and showed us around. Definitely the best tour in a monastery so far! There is also a cute little square where you can have a drink.

– Port of Montenegro
It’s a new port with some very luxurious ships! After a quick stroll you’ve seen everything but if you like to shop. This is the place to be.

– Budva
The old town of Budva is well worth the visit. Go wander in the little typical streets. There is also a citadel which you can visit for about 2,50 euros.

Sveti Island Montenegro

– Sveti Stefan
This is a well-known resort close to Budva. It does look like a city and it’s the perfect location to take pictures. If you go down to the beach in front of the resort you’ll find a path to a small private area. Oh, and try to park your car on the street. It saves you the costs of the parking.

Sveti Island Montenegro

Montenegro kotor

– Kotor
This is by far the best activity we discovered in Montenegro. You can visit Kotor’s old town, but the real deal is the way up to the fort of Kotor. You’ll pay around three euros (before a specific time and after sundown you can enter for free) to take a two hour walk up this mountain. Breathtaking views and the rewarding feeling afterwards make it worth your energy.

Montenegro Bar

– Bar
As Montenegro is full of old towns Bar is by far worth a visit. You’ll find little, typical restaurants (delicious) the walk up to the old town. For two euros you can visit the ruins of the old city and take in a view where you can even see the sea from far!

– Herceg Novi
They say it looks like Dubronik (Croatia) but than a lot more cheap. I have to say we like Herceg Novi more than Dubrovnik. I always liked the underdog, so even here that’s the case. Just taking a stroll and enjoying the sun, there is not much more that we need.

Montenegro coast city

– Perast
On the way to Herceg Novi you’ll see signs for Perast. Here you can take a taxi boat to a small island. There is not much more on the island than a church, but it is a tourist attraction. We bumped into a local who happened to have a boat and was willing to take us. We payed about 10 euros for two persons to go and come back.

To end this post I would like to say that you can never imagine how a trip is going to play out. Just go and enjoy the memories you are making along the way. Thank you Montenegro for being this beautiful!

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  • Naomi in Wonderland
    July 9, 2015, 1:12 pm

    These photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing these beauties! Sometimes the places you wouldn’t expect to surprise you, end up surprising ya!